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A Land Called Grief companion guide

We created a free downloadable companion guide to A Land Called Grief.  The guide includes a coloring page, and a maze.  We plan to add activities to this guide and will deliver any new content to your inbox.  Subscribe below to receive a link to the download.

Helen Bucher is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Switzerland.  Her works tend to be playful, cute, and colorful.  Besides running her art-related online shop and illustrating for children's books and other publications, she likes to play the violin, take care of her plants, and travel to Japan from time to time.

Meet the Author

Maddie Janes is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother who lives in southern Utah.  She loves to read, write, and go on dates with her husband.  Some of her favorite moments are seeing a bluebird, a garden full of flowers, or when one of her kids reaches out to hold her hand.  Maddie and her husband have four spunky girls and one son named Jack.

   A Land Called Grief is a story that helps little and big kids alike understand the emotions that show up as we navigate through the stages of grief.  Although grief can be heavy, A Land Called Grief, helps us understand that our grief can be turned into something beautiful.  A beauty that can heal. A beauty that can be shared. 


Meet the Illustrator



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